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Toby is a stand up comedian, improviser and writer. He started writing comedy at school for the Radford College Annual Fashion Revue and his career has never enjoyed quite the same heights since. He moved to Melbourne from Canberra in 2009 to pursue stand up comedy and has never looked back, lest he be turned into a pillar of salt. His day job is writing and occasionally producing for Channel 10's The Project, and he's written for SBS's Legally Brown, Mamamia, the Punch, the Monthly, the Age, mX and the Sydney Morning Herald. He co-writes Diary Leaks with Mathew Kenneally and runs a monthly political comedy room called Political Asylum with Gerard McCulloch and Simon Barber.

Here’s my latest post on Mamamia

It’s about being late all the time and includes pictures of a dog, bacon, and my second favourite jacket.

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The case against gay marriage

The Coalition met on Tuesday afternoon to vote on whether to grant a free vote on a private members bill supporting same sex marriage. The end result was a vote that went 66 – 33 against a conscience vote. The … Continue reading

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John Hirst hates poor women

Some days it’s hard to know whether to read the newspaper or empty a staple gun into your genitals. Depending on the day and the publication, often the staple gun will leave you in less pain and better informed. But … Continue reading

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Amateur Gay, Pro Comedian

Amateur Gay, Pro Comedian.

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Adelaide here I come!

I’ll be performing at the Feast festival from the 14th of November – 17th of November at the Garden Lounge in Light Square.  More details here:

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People hating your rape joke is not the end of free speech as we know it

If you haven’t heard already, Melbourne’s comedy scene had it’s very own rape joke controversy last week. A comedy debate was planned at Station 59 with the subject “There’s nothing funny about rape” with all male teams on both sides … Continue reading

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Monday bloody Monday: Our Labor leadership form guide

It’s the Battle Royale the press gallery has been waiting for: “Juliar” vs “K-Rudd”. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (without the Good). Gillard has a strong front line of some of the most prominent lights in the Labor … Continue reading

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